Making of the walking camper

   All custom machining by Rainhouse (former Prototype Equipment Design)



Something to Ponder On is a stumbling truck camper on I beam legs. 

I received an abandoned truck camper with broken hydraulic jacks mid September 2016.  It is an object that easily triggers one's sympathy, without a truck to travel with, this camper just sits statically, like a lost domesticated pet, or an amputated limb from someone's body.  While building proper support for this camper, I developed an urge to revive it. 

What better way to revive it than letting it walk?

With support from multiple sources, the customized walking platform was fabricated, and the camper took its first step in April 2017.  

Maquettes and drawings for this project were shown at Odeon Alley Window Gallery from January 16th to January 30th, Yates Street, downtown Victoria BC. 


Want to read/listen/watch more of the camper?

(Camper taking its first step after crane assembly)


(Camper upon arrival)

(Crane dropping off walking platform) 

(Crane dropping off walking platform) 

Odeon Alley Window Gallery display

Proper support for interior setup

Project Drafts

Project Maquettes